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Show & Tell – Kids love Race Cars

It was great talking to the kids at Apollo Middle School about racing and letting them get inside the race car.  Each student had their own questions about racing and some even had experience in a RZR!  What a great way to spend my birthday!!!  Thanks again to Mr. Rodriguez for having me out.

Press Release – Lucas Oil Offroad Regional Series California – Lake Elsinore 10-11-2014

Come from behind at Lake Elsinore

Press Release 10-11-2014 – Download PDF Here

Lucas Oil Offroad Regional Series California – Lake Elsinore 10-11-2014

George 3What can I say, this weekend was awesome!  We all got to hang out with friends, watch some sweet championship battles and of course RACE!

It seems like lately we have had a string of broken axles, and this weekend would continue on that same path.  Friday during practice the car worked great, we had the setup very good and didn’t change much of anything other than tire pressure.  The most exciting part of the day would for sure have to be the opportunity to watch Johnny and CJ Greaves tear up the track in their Pro4 and Pro2 trucks.  Just hearing the sound of those Toyota motors ripping around the track is like nothing else you can experience unless you witness it first hand!

george 10Saturday qualifying we were all set to try and put ourselves in a good starting position, but like I mentioned these dang broken axles keep biting us.  I stayed out on track to at least get some line choices figured out and a little more seat time, but we ended up having to start on the last row.  When it came time to race we had the car back together and running great!  During the first half of the race I was able to pick off drivers one-by-one and work my way up towards the front.  in the late stages of the race we were battling for podium positions and the axle gremlins came to get us again!  I was able to finish the race in 7th, but had driven very well and hoped for much more.  In the end it was a huge positive to move forward knowing that my driving and the RZR had improved 10-fold.

IMG_3485To cap off the weekend we were able to hang out with fellow team UTV Wolfpack members Jason and Jeremy Merrell for their sisters birthday and get some much needed rest.

Thanks to my dad for all his hard work and dedication, Shayna for keeping us well fed and energized, Glenn, Karen, Melissa, and everyone else for all coming out and supporting Team Supercuts, and of course our awesome sponsors, Supercuts, UTV Wolfpack, UPR.com, GMZ Race Products, Element 7 Graphics, Utopia Optics

PC – Shilynn Milligan Photography, UTV Underground (Jake), & Melissa Usher


Special thanks to all partners and supporters:

Thanks to all our Partners and Supporters

Kids Rule – Apollo Middle School – Motivational Speaking

Thank you to the AVID class and Mr. Rodriguez at Apollo Middle School in Tucson AZ for the chance to share my story! All the students have such great goals and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in life!

Please feel free to contact so we can visit your School, Business, or Event.

Bad Luck at Lucas Oil Offroad Regional Series California – Glen Helen 09-06-2014

We were very excited about coming back out to the night races at Glen Helen for the 2 to last round of the Lucas Oil Offroad Regional Series in So. California.  Testing the for a few weeks prior to the event had the car working great and we canted to show how well we could perform racing the best in the business.  Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to show our speed, we got one lap out in practice and a Rod Bearing spun in the motor and ended our weekend promptly.

Once we knew we could not participate we helped out the rest of the team and tuned their cars and helped get them ready for the racing!  Turning a bad situation into something positive we drove down to San Diego and were able to meet with my sister and eat at our favorite breakfast spot in Del Mar, right next to the beach before heading back to the monsoons in AZ.

All in all a bad weekend turned out great and we had a blast seeing family, great friends, and all of our racing family as well.

Press Release – Lucas Oil Offroad Regional Series California – Glen Helen 07-19-2014

Download PDF Here

Press Release 07-19-2014

Lucas Oil Offroad Regional Series California – Glen Helen 07-19-2014

10543536_794105733953848_7313928390209100147_oWhat else can I say other than Glen Helen under the lights = exciting racing!  The racing was wheel-to-wheel all weekend!

Friday practice was a learning curve with the loamy dirt, but the track was awesome and really cool to see the different terrain.  With all the Pro vehicles (Pro4, Pro2, Prolite, and Pro Buggies) on the track the ruts were insane, it was super cool to be able to drive in those conditions!

Saturday we found a couple issues with the car, a ball-joint needed to be replaced and a leaky rear diff seal.  These Polaris RZR’s are built so well, sometimes I wonder how they take the beating that we give them.  A little refill of the rear diff oil and a ball-joint and we were good to go.

10339413_794113753953046_5738177729876323453_oQualifying went as good as possible, the car was a bit slow and we ended up qualifying 10th, but knew that some changes could be made to improve the cars speed.  For the Main Event we stiffened up the sway bar and that made huge difference in the car being more stable and locked the backend to the ground much better.  Starting from the 10th position we moved up a few positions pretty quickly and had some great battles.  My starts were mediocre at best and I got passed a few times, but made it back up on track and ended up 7th for the night, battling all the way many drivers and some awesome back and forth with teammate Will Rodgers during the last 2 laps!

During the main event we learned that the car is jetted way to rich and can perform much better, so some testing is in the near future to get it up to par with the other cars on the track, but all in all I can’t thank my family, friends, and partners for all their help, the Lucas Regional series is a blast and these RZR’s are the future of short course racing!

Some other highlights for the weekend were seeing my sister at the races, meeting the newest Wolfpack member Mason Merrell and seeing all our friends.  I can’t wait to be back at Glen Helen Sept 6th for some redemption!!!

Thanks to all our Partners and Supporters

Thanks to all our Partners and Supporters

GoPro – Lucas Regionals SoCal Round 5 – Glen Helen – 07/19/2014

Lucas Oil Offroad Regional CA – Round 5

Glen Helen under the lights!  Some great pictures from Shilynn Milligan and Major Impact Photography

Determination w/ George Hammel – Great Team & Partners

What a great race weekend we had in our hometown of Tucson AZ!  Thank you to all of our partners!

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