Lucas Regional Photos – Round 2 & 3

Thank you everyone that helped this weekend! Shayna Archey having to find an axle, all my friends for helping, and especially my dad for fixing the car after I tore it up! I couldn’t have done it without everyone. I am happy to have learned a ton more this weekend and repay them with a good 3rd place result! Next Arizona race is in Tucson May 9th & 10th, so lets get everyone to come out!

Talk it out Tuesday on Live RC Interview

I love RC racing and jumped on the opportunity to talk with about how I was able to get into it.

Click below to check out the Interview

Ironman Results

Ironman Results

2013 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside

Some photos of the event.  Thank you to all my family and friends for all their help, I couldn’t have done it without them!!!

2012 El Tour De Tucson

What an amazing event!  I was able to beat my goal of completing in under 8 hours with a time of 6:22, and couldn’t be happier!  Thanks to all the great support I received from my sponsors, friends, and family.  Can’t wait until next year!!!


Broken Hand

xrayStoked no surgery, only gonna be a couple weeks and I will be back on the bike.

Support Project Walk 2012

Project Walk

Hi Guys/Gals,

I am working with an organization called Project Walk (most of you have already heard of them), and I am working to become a member of their Fundraising Board. The main goal for this is to generate $10,000 per year to help allow things like people that cannot afford to attend project walk to utilize these funds to get the rehab they need to be able to overcome their spinal cord injury and walk again. I have attached a packet if you would like to take some time and check it out, but my main goal is to reach out to you and your networks, friends, sponsors, and potentially the companies that you work for to see if we can generate the 10K for this amazing cause. If you or anyone you know would be interested please let me know.

Please feel free to review this PDF for more information: Click Here For PDF

2011 Tour De Tucson Photos

University of Arizona Tour De Tucson Story

The U of A also did a great little write-up on me competing in the Tour De Tucson, check it!

My New Back

First off a huge thank you to Dr. Eric Sipos at Carondolet Neurosurgery & Neurology!!!

It’s been about a month since the doctors were able to perform a pretty miraculous procedure on my back. The accident burst my T11 vertebrae and since I already have a fusion and plates from T12-L2 the initial diagnosis was that to keep the spine supported they were going to have to fuse from T9 or T10 all the way down to L3 or L4 with the addition of rods/plates going from top to bottom of those locations. I told Dr. Sipos that I would prefer not to have such an invasive surgery and if he had any other options, initially he said that there was to much damage and that this was going to be the most feasible option, so I asked him to take a day or so and see if he could come up with any other options. He came to me the next day and said he had one other option of (for lack of better terminology) cementing the T11 vertebrae, removing all the extra bone fragments, and grinding down the portions that were pressuring the spine. It was not certain that it would work because of the amount of current injury and past injury, so he asked if I would like to take that option but if when he was performing the surgery he was not able to complete that option he had my permission to go with the full fusion from top to bottom as explained above. Of course I agreed and hoped for the best.

Needless to say his amazing talent worked out and he was able to perform the rebuilding of that vertebrae without having to insert and extra metal or fusions. Here are some pictures of what he was able to do and my current back.


Thanks again to Dr. Sipos and all of his team including all the nurses and doctors at St. Josephs hospital!

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